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Marazion and St Michael's Mount Tide Predictions

Predictions of today's tides for Marazion and St Michael's Mount

The graph below provides a graphical representation of today's tide predictions for Marazion and St Michael's Mount.

Graph of today's tide predictions for Marazion and St Michael's Mount

Similar tidal information for Marazion and St Michael's Mount is shown in tabular format on the right side of this web page and on the home page of this Marazion Guide web site.

The graph provides a plot of the water level versus time. The times of high and low tide are printed across the top. The dark blue represents the flood tide (tide coming in), the lighter blue represents the ebb tide (tide going out). The + mark on the graph indicates the conditions at the time the web page was generated.

The light grey background indicates daylight hours; the darker grey background indicates night time. Sunrise and sunset are used as the changeover points.

The red horizontal line and red marks with printed times on the bottom axis provide information on when the causeway between Marazion and St Michael's Mount is open and when it is covered.

For an explanation of tides and how they affect Marazion and St Michael's Mount refer to the other Marazion Tides pages on this Marazion Guide website.

Marazion Tides

Estimated tide times for Marazion today are:

High tide: 4.43m 02:48
Causeway opens: 07:40
Low tide: 1.76m 09:34
Causeway closes: 11:19
High tide: 4.40m 15:17
Causeway opens: 19:59
Low tide: 1.77m 21:49
Causeway closes: 23:30

Times are BST.

NB. Actual tides will depend on weather conditions. If you need accurate predictions for navigation purposes you should contact the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

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